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Social Media Management Tools that will Make Your Life Easier

List of social media management tools that will help you research, plan, produce and schedule your posts and profiles in the best order and make your life much easier!

The world of social media seems all bright and colorful when you are scrolling through it on your mobile phone, however, a lot of work is put into the posts we see on the internet. From scheduling, captions, editing, and hashtags to reviewing, posting, and tracking the performance of your posts. This is all a part of social media management and if you are a social media manager, you know just how complicated it gets. However, there are a few tools that can turn out to be your saving grace and will help you stay afloat and on top of the rat race that is social media marketing. We took the liberty of curating a list of a few such apps for you to look into. These apps are: 

  • Later
    Later is an app that can be used to schedule your posts. If you’ve tried your hand at managing any social media account, you know it cannot be erratic and whimsical. Your posts should be pre-scheduled along with the captions, hashtags, etc., and should be uploaded on time, every time. Later is one of the best apps that can be of great help to you. While it is a great app for scheduling your social media posts, it also helps you to visually plan the said posts. It schedules your posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles, all from the same app. The application presents you with a mockup of how your social media profile grid will look after uploading content. It also allows you to auto-update the posts on your profiles once the date and time are set. You can store the content weekly or monthly and can reduce the daily monotonicity of uploading a caption, hashtag, and location. One click or four depending on the number of profiles, and you are done. But then there’s an auto uploading facility to make life much easier, isn’t there?
  • TweetDeck
    TweetDeck is a dashboard application for social media management. The app started independently and was later acquired by Twitter. It has a couple of customizable columns that can help you set up your Twitter timeline, lists, trends, messages, hashtags, search results, and an archive of all the tweets you’ve sent out. You can access your multiple Twitter accounts from this space without having to log out of one and log in to another. All you need to do is toggle between your accounts from the navigation bar. TweetDeck allows you to schedule your tweets in advance and it is completely safe to access your Twitter account from the application.
  • Creator Studio
    Creator Studio is an application developed by Meta that helps you to manage, post, and track the performance of content across your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Based on your account insights, it helps you manage the content on your profile while assisting you in areas where you fall short. The application provides you with a shortcut to the post creation tool, a look into the insights of your account, your performance in the last seven days, monetization and recommendations along with post statuses and the reach of your recent posts. You also have a content library where you have an archive of all the posts you have uploaded on your page. Each post comes with an in-depth breakdown of its performance statistics. Monetization tools include instant articles, paid online events, instream ads for on-demand, fan subscriptions, brand collabs manager, etc. Based on your profile activities and reach, you are eligible to use certain tools while others get added as your reach increases. The Creator Studio for Instagram has added features as compared to Facebook and can be accessed by clicking the Instagram icon on the dashboard.
  • Hootsuite
    Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps plan, schedule, and manage all your social media posts in one place. It helps you monitor and report your social media performance and basic task management. Like later, it is a scheduling app. The app makes social media marketing easier for you, especially if you are a social media manager and have to skate through multiple social media platforms. With Hootsuite, you can simultaneously manage your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. The ‘streams’ feature helps you stay afloat in an era of trends. You can keep up with relevant conversations as they are happening. Conversations from different networking apps are available on the same dashboard, eliminating the need for constant switching. The analytics feature helps you report the in-depth social media performance on various platforms. You can also add private tags and notes to each post and set up templates of pre-approved images for later use. 
  • Canva
    Canva is a graphic- design and photo and video editing tool which provides features for so much more than your social media applications. It takes care of all your marketing needs. It has size templates for your Instagram posts, reels, thumbnails, collages, posters, cards, and logos. You have a plethora of templates, elements, images, and fonts to choose from. You can work on the placement, transparency, and look of your project. Additionally, you can add stickers, filters, and effects to your photos. You also have millions of audios and videos and have the option of editing videos as well. You can save your work in the best quality in .jpeg, .jpg, .png, and even pdf format. The paid subscription gives you access to several features like removing the background of an image or adding a ton of extra filters and templates. However, even without the paid variant, there is a lot you can access and work with on the Canva app.
  • Pablo
    When it comes to social media, we all know that your graphics are the first impression any user will have when visiting your page. You can have kickass content, all the right hashtags, and the perfect bio and still might lack behind due to graphics. Pablo is the social media management that can be the saving grace you are looking for. The application has a database of over 6,00,000 copyright-free images you can search from. Additionally, you get several editing options on the app itself. You can change the orientation of your image based on the platform you want to post it on. You can filter these images and also add text if you want.  The app even has a set of default quotes you can add to the images along with an option to add your logo. There are other apps out there like Pexels, Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Pixabay that offer you copyright-free images. However, Pablo blends extraordinarily with the average social media needs and hence makes it o our list of life-saving social media management tools.
  • Tailwind
    Tailwind is a ‘smart assistant’ if one is to go by its description on the Play Store. It is a grid planner and scheduler for Instagram and Pinterest.  Just like Later, the application allows you to schedule and save your posts and auto-upload them based on your most engaging post time. You get a glance at what part of your content is working on the social media platforms and bringing reach to your profile. It even suggests hashtags for your posts that can help drive people to your profile. 
  • Snapseed
    Snapseed is an image editing app and hailed as a lifesaver by many. What makes Snapseed a popular choice among photographers and editors is its easy-to-use user interface. It is a lot less complicated than most photo editing apps. Apart from the basic filters and cropping options, you can tune your image, add curves to it, maintain the white balance, and set its perspective. Additionally, with the help of the selection tool, you can remove noise from any picture, clearing the background of any distractions. The application helps you achieve a professional quality photo with the simplest editing features.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is a tool solely focused on providing you with intel on how the audience interacts and reacts to your website. It also provides you with trends and patterns around social media at any given time. Its features like data visualization, monitoring, data filtering and manipulation, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and custom reports set it apart from all other analytics tools. It has much more comprehensive input on what works for your brand and what doesn’t.
  • Keywords Everywhere
    Keywords Everywhere is simply the best and the easiest tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimization. All you have to do is add its extension to your browser and it runs every time you fire a search query. Along with your google search results, keywords Everywhere adds a list of popular YouTube videos under the keyword, data trend, trending keywords, related keywords, and long-tail keywords to go with. These keywords are most helpful for you to select the keywords you want to work on and the title you want to formulate. Alternatively, you can use tools like Question Hub, Keyword Planner, Google Alerts, etc. to work on your SEO.

Social media is a pickle more often than not. However, life as a social media manager or even if you are managing your page gets easier when you have these digital applications to lean on. They say, digital problems need digital solutions and they are not wrong, are they? We’ve done our best to provide you with the best here.